What is Air-Charter?

Air-Charter is the rental of a whole aircraft and crew at an hourly rate versus flying on the airlaines, where only seats are sold. Air charter is more expensive than the airlines, but offers complete flexibility for the person, group, or business that is chartering the aircraft. Live in New York but just found out you have a meeting in Cleveland in two days? No problem. The aircraft flies on your schedule, to the places you want to go, and at the time you want to go there. This is often why businesses and individuals prefer charter over airlines. In addition, chartering an aircraft means experiencing air-travel well above and beyond first-class, with luxury cabins, comfortable seats, and all the amenities to create a truly personalized travel experience.

  Airlines Air-Charter
Available on-demand red x Green tick
Fly to non-major airports red x Green tick
The whole airplane to yourself red x Green tick
Bypass TSA security red x Green tick
Depart as soon as you arrive at the airport red x Green tick
Conduct business en-route and with privacy red x Green tick
Luxury seating and amenities red x Green tick
No baggage restrictions or extra fees red x Green tick
A truly personalized experience red x Green tick




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